[Ready Stock] Microphone Karaoke Bluetooth Speaker Toy Portable Karaoke Machine Developmental Music Educational Toys For Kids Gift
Size (L x W x H) 46 cm x 30 cm x 15 cm
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  • Simulation scanning code induction: the two-dimensional code on the phone at the camera
  • Soft night light: switch between three soft lights (bright/medium bright/dark)
  • Shock sound quality: no noise
  • Countdown display screen
  • External microphone with sound amplifying effect Fruit sings her favorite songs
  • The hi-fi horn is more melodious
  • Handheld handle design anywhere and anywhere to play
  • Support dual microphone singing mode
  • The Bluetooth function is automatically activated after the scan code is turned on: a. Turn on the mobile device and Bluetooth function and select JY8009 to connect the jukebox. b. After connecting to Bluetooth, you can use QQ music/National K songs and other singing songs through the microphone.
  • Recording sound key: long press 1.5 seconds to play a drop of sound to start recording; short press to play the recording, short press again to play the next recording. .Press and hold for 1.5 seconds to play a beep and end the recording; the drip and beep are directly superimposed. (A recording of up to one minute, up to 5 recordings, recording a full beep as a reminder, power off recording to save). When recording, press the previous or next one to end the recording directly.
  • Microphone switch: Trigger once to play a drop of sound to turn on the microphone, and then trigger the play to beep again to turn off the microphone (the drip and beep will be superimposed directly in the case of accompaniment)
  • Play/Pause button: Trigger to play music once, trigger again to stop playing, a total of 12 original vocals + 12 accompaniment. After scanning the code, press some buttons to start playing music.
  • Night light button: trigger control night light (2), long press to turn on the light, long press to turn off the light. Short press to switch the light and dark effect (light/light/dark) for a total of 3 files, long press to turn off (long press when the night light flashes can also be turned off)
  • Scope of application: for play house role play, early education puzzle classroom
  • Suitable for over 3 years old



Color: Pink & Blue
Material: Plastic
Product Weight: 1140g
Powered By: 4 x AA
Package Dimensions: 45 x 13.9 x 28.5cm
Package Weight: 1420g
Packing: Graphic Carton

Package Content:

.1 x Singing Machine
.1 x Microhone
.1 x Simulation QR Code Machine