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  •     Choose food grade material
  •     BPA free, is good for your health, Non-toxic.
  •     100% leak-proof and drop-resistant
  •     Convenient to carry and easy for drinking
  •     Used for outdoor activities, playground, gym, club, home, office

1. Dry and wet separation, easy to push, convenient and labor-saving
2. Environmentally friendly materials, more peace of mind
3. Universal wheel design move more effortlessly, with brake, locked and not sliding
4. The lower level can be opened and can also be taken out and dumped
5. Can be taken out under the bucket, handle design is convenient to lift and dump garbage
6. Thickened high hardness antibacterial PP material, long lasting, effective antibacterial
7. Garbage bag fixing strip, prevent trash bags from slipping

  • Optimal PP material construction, coexistence of elegant and strength. Create a comfortable family atmosphere.
  • Bottom opening and closing design, easy to pick and place items, protect personal privacy. Universal wheel design, convenient operation and convenient push and pull, saving effort and worry.
  • Basket can be used alone. Use with seamless stickers, use with various scenes, not subject to scene constraints. Reasonable use of storage space, suitable for safe storage in multiple scenarios.
  • The basket is hollow and breathable, with no odor. The thickened handle is smoother and more comfortable.

Made of harmless plastic material that is eco-friendly, non-toxic, odorless and safe to use. Cosmetic formula properties are mild, care for baby's young skin.

Small size, large capacity, suitable for living room, balcony, kitchen, study, baby room, bedroom, bathroom, office, cloakroom and other places.

1. Easy to clean
2. Easy to carry, will not leak
3. Can hold coffee, juice, drinks, milk, etc.

Triple-layer design, no need to bend over the garbage

Features1: Fruit And Vegetable Drain Basket
Features2: Fresh-keeping Box
Features3: storage box with lid
Features4: container for vegetables